What Affects Coach Hire Price

what affects coach hire priceWhat affects coach hire price ?


Coach Type

Coaches come in a range of classes (see coach types).

You can choose from a standard coach that provides a cheap and reliable way to move a group from one location to another, to a VIP coach that can provide all the luxury of a limousine. But bear in mind that a coach that has DVD players or toilets is going to cost more than the standard option.

Our suppliers have coaches that cover all coach types, meaning you can find the one with the options you want at the best price. But for the best price opt for “Any”.


Coach Size

Bigger coaches cost more to run, but carry more people. The more passengers you have, the cheaper the price per person.



The further a coach supplier is from your pick-up point, the longer they have to travel to get to you without any passengers on board.

Then they have to get back to the depot after the job. This is known as dead mileage and costs in fuel and driver time.

On this basis you are more likely to get better quotes from coach companies near your pick up point.

When deciding on your drop off and pick up points bear in mind the coach will need to stop somewhere big enough and will need to park nearby.

Parking charges and travel to parking will build up your price from most coach operators.


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