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Why Have Bidding?

Most people shop around a few local coach companies or go to a coach comparison site.


Whilst the coach companies are professional and will give you a reasonable price, without calling a number of companies how can you tell you have got the best price?

And how do you know if a supplier would have dropped their price if a competitor had been cheaper, without calling them all again..and again.


Comparison sites are professional too, but how do you know they have not just quoted a price they know they can achieve, then shopped around for the best price for themselves to get as much profit as possible?

And they have no incentive to go back and see if coach suppliers will bid again at a lower price.



Get us to quote on your job and get any comparison site to as well…see who is cheaper.



Below you can fill in a simple form to tell us the details of the job you want bids on. As you can see,  we need your email address to get back to you (we will keep this confidential – this will NOT be passed onto anyone, except the coach supplier – only should you decide to proceed with a quote)

Before you fill it in, you might want to know what affects your price?

If you hate forms send all the details by email to





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